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Platform-Related Consulting Services

The tort system is inherently complex. That's why KCIC built The Ligado Platform: to solve complexity by expediting previously manual processes and centralizing all users, uses, data and documents onto one, easy-to-use platform. With Ligado, you’re able to work within the tort system, while a dedicated team of KCIC experts supports you at every step.

Meet BEV – Our Newest Tool!

BEV, Bankruptcy Evidence Verification tool, keeps bankrupt companies in evidence. This latest addition to Ligado helps defense attorneys quickly identify sources of exposure, which assists with more targeted questioning in depositions.

By pulling together an extensive collection of bankruptcy trust data into one access point, BEV is a potent weapon in the post-Garlock world — ensuring that evidence of asbestos-containing products made by bankrupt companies is preserved within the record of the tort system.

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Claims Administration & Billing

Ligado is the answer for companies that have high-stakes, high-value, high-volume claims or cases in the tort system. Too often, their risk management system is stuck in the Dark Ages — with data spread across multiple databases, documents and stakeholders.

The beauty of Ligado is that it centralizes all claim information and documents, providing the control and clarity needed to make critical decisions. With everything and everyone in one place, you save time and money, slash redundancy and errors, gain the power to generate real-time reports, and more.

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Policy Analysis and Management

The crux of any insurance coverage dispute depends upon the exact language of the insurance policies at issue. How that language interacts among multiple policies is complicated, with many variables and potential outcomes. Through Ligado, KCIC offers a specialized tool that helps our clients manage and analyze that complexity — so you can ultimately maximize coverage and minimize risk.

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