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Custom Solutions

Have a pressing issue you're uncertain how to fix?
You need a moonshot effort. KCIC will listen,
fully understand the problem, and design a solution just for you.

Your Biggest Headache. Solved.

Do you have a data-intensive problem that’s impacting internal resources, operations and critical decisions? You could turn to any software developer to build a fix. But KCIC combines our consulting skills and knowledge about product liabilities with our ability to deploy technology quickly.

We'll fully scope your problem, users and protocols, then create a solution that meets all your needs.

Technology on the Shoulders of Expertise

Our industry expertise is matched by our ability to develop and design custom platforms and software in-house. Our technologists are front and center, collaborating with our consultants and even hearing from clients about their problems first hand. The result is an iterative process. We fine-tune until we've developed an online platform that does exactly what you need, providing:

  • Centralized, secure data and document storage
  • Streamlined and systematic processes and workflows
  • Easy access for multiple users
  • Robust reporting

What Success Looks Like:

  • Quickly deployed a solution for a medical device manufacturer who, at the outset, couldn't imagine how best to manage a complex indemnification agreement.
  • Built a system that enables a client to manage a liability exactly according to its contracts.
  • Recovered, organized and stored decades worth of unruly data, then developed a platform to make it usable by multiple parties.

People Are Talking

“KCIC’s great diagnosis and technology skills have transformed our ability to manage this major liability. This was a major corporate headache that created tremendous uncertainty. Now we don’t have to worry about it.”

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