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Decision & Risk Analysis

Expert risk analysis services can help you make better-informed decisions. Our probabilistic decision models quantify risk and provide deep insight into real-world systems where uncertainty can significantly affect possible outcomes. Our quantitative models also identify inputs of particular sensitivity — where small changes in values can have a disproportionate effect on end outcomes.

Your KCIC team will work with your data and your particular problem logic to create an appropriate decision or risk model, which will accurately represent the uncertainties in your model inputs and data.

Our specific capabilities include:

  • Analysis of variance - For inputs with available data, we provide in-depth statistical analysis and insight into the factors most responsible for variances within the data.
  • Sensitivity analysis - We provide quantitative measurements of the sensitivity of possible outcomes to variation of uncertain inputs. This can assist in determining the most crucial inputs to the model.
  • Forecasting - For inputs with available data, we construct stochastic time-series or regression analysis models to predict future values and identify current trends in the uncertain input data.
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