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5/20/2020 By Jonathan Terrell

KCIC's blog, Risky Business, has been going steadily for nearly seven years now.  Somewhat to my surprise, the most popular blogs have been the three I wrote about the OneBeacon 2014 reorganization and the subsequent steadily worsening financial condition of the run-off companies. 

Given the interest in the topic and the need for many policyholders to make important decisions about their coverage, I have decided to make my debut as a webinar host and present a detailed session. 

I plan on covering the following topics: 

  • Brief history of OneBeacon 
  • 2014 reorganization 
  • Lines of coverage affected 
  • 2014 financial condition of the run-off companies
  • Developments since 2014 
  • 2019 financial condition of the run-off companies 
  • What's next? 
  • How to value your OneBeacon claims 

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Jonathan Terrell

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Jonathan Terrell is the Founder and President of KCIC. He has more than 30 years of international financial services experience with a multi-disciplinary background in accounting, finance and insurance. Prior to founding KCIC in 2002, he worked at Zurich Financial Services, JP Morgan, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

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